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Read About Pure Dodgeball Manchester

Read About Pure Dodgeball Manchester and how we aim to improve communities through sport.   Pure Dodgeball Manchester is working with local schools to help promote and improve fitness and social skills.  Our work with the wider community see's us developing partnerships with After School Clubs, School Holiday Clubs and much more.

We aim to be working with over 50 schools by 2020.

Pure Dodgeball Manchester is a junior recreational Dodgeball specialist based in Manchester providing Multisport, Multi Skill, and community dodgeball.
Pure Dodgeball was set up by Raoul Sutcliffe in mid-2017, what started as an idea was quickly turned into a successful company working with local schools and community groups.
We deliver dodgeball sessions to breakfast clubs, lunchtime clubs and after School clubs and community groups. All sessions delivered are in line with national curriculum guidelines.
We focus on the rules of all sports as well as making sure all sessions provided are centered around fun and activity!
Our aim is to bring the community together, make Sports accessible and affordable to children & adults whatever age, gender & standard of fitness.
Pure dodgeball is working alongside Community Clubs, Schools and local authorities.

Pure Dodgeball Manchester is looking to work in partnership with schools and other associates so we can establish a more participation in dodgeball as a sport.

If you are interested in joining Pure Dodgeball at one of our Greater Manchester Community Clubs be sure to check out Community Clubs Page.

Our slogan Dodgeballers: let's play
About Pure Dodgeball Manchester

What Do We Do In Our Sessions?

  • PureDodgeball assists athletes in developing to their full potential.
  • Pure dodgeball trains athletes in a sport by analysing their performances, instructing in relevant skills and by providing encouragement.
  • During the session, we’ll run through the rules quickly, pupils will then be split into teams.
  • We’ll play a few games and then we’ll introduce some interesting variation games and activities.
  • Pure Dodgeball also makes sure all participants remain well conducted during the session as they are representing the school.
  • Age 6 to 14 Years old.

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